One Very Special Lady and her Owner

Ginny has completely changed my life! Her enthusiasm for everything and everyone has brought new energy to my aching bones! I’ve become much more active, lost weight and my health has improved. I know I’ve brought great things into her life as well but I mustn’t dwell on those…4am walkies,chicken roasts, fish in homemade cheese sauce, cuddles UNDER the duvet!! You get the picture? However, she was recently responsible for a real happy ending! One of Ginny’s army of admirers, Sam, a young Border Terrier, got lost in heavily wooded, open countryside about a mile from where we live. Search parties were organised but by 4.30pm it was pitch black. The wind blew, the rain poured and the temperature dropped. Dog Warden and locals informed, Facebook campaign being discussed, Sam’s owners were distraught and searched aimlessly all night, returning to the same area. I set my alarm for 7am so Ginny and I could help search. A neighbour said he’d had a fruitless search of the area we were going to cover but Sam was still missing and everyone feared the worse. I had to feel useful so off we set to the area where Sam was last seen. I shouted and shouted!”Sam! Sam!” No response. Then Ginny started to get agitated and ‘talk’ in her Kenneth Williams voice. She was pulling  towards an electrified fence! Fearful of her being stunned, I yelled “Ginny! Ginny!” and tried to pull her back. Then tears of joy as a small, traumatised Border Terrier came creeping out of the long grass to see his darling Ginny! I rang the owners who were besides themselves with joy.Praise and more balls than she knows what to do with galore for my Super Ginny!What a happy ending!