Becca (Del Boy) Saltmer

Hi all, I am Becca (Aka Del Boy)

I have only been a volunteer with Ryedale Dog Rescue for just over a year, it all started with Dianne’s advert looking for volunteers for the 2019 pop up shop, I thought “ why not?” and the rest is history!

Last year as well as helping in the pop-up shop, I helped at several fundraising events such as Malton show, dogs shows, Market stalls and the auction this year however is proving to be very different!

As all face to face fundraising has been put on hold for now, we have had to think of new ways to raise funds.

Recently I have been working on a couple of online projects , 1 being “ sponsor a kennel” where people can sponsor a rescue dogs kennel for either 6 months or a year and receive updates as to which dog is occupying the kennel and updates on their progress.

Another project I have been working on is the “Mend Beryl’s broken heart “appeal on just giving – this is a fund to raise the £5000 we need to provide a vital heart operation for our much-loved Beryl.  I started the fund 6 weeks ago and it is currently sitting at £2500 which is brilliant.

My main ongoing projects are firstly that of the online shop. As well as members of the public making donations, I have poor Dianne and Anne working hard dropping the items that they have collected off to me daily, I then sort , photograph and sell these via Facebook ( socially distanced of course! ). Currently this is working well (least I know I have a career as a market trader if I cannot go back to the day job!).

My second ongoing project now is running the online dog show via the Facebook page, every Monday a class is posted, and people enter by sending in their photographs via email with the winner announced each Sunday morning! 3 weeks to go so stay tuned for “best in show”.

I am really enjoying doing everything I can to help the rescue and to anyone else thinking “why not?” don’t hesitate get involved!