Jess – Looking good

From Jess’ new owners

Please find attached some lovely pics of our puppa, Jess.

She has settled into life with us very quickly and is an absolute star of a a girl. From the moment we saw her and I called out ‘ i love her’ to my partner we knew she was the one for us!!

We spoil her rotten but she deserves it and the whole family have fallen in love with her and her special staffy chat, which never fails to makes us laugh. She is fantastic with children and other dogs and has made lots of new friends in the neighborhood. People often stop and comment what a lovely looking girl she is and she gets plenty of fuss!!

She loves walks by the river, tussling with her toys and falling asleep on the sofa in between us in her lovely, warm blanket.

Recently we went to the coast and she enjoyed runs on the beach but was a little unsure of the sea! Here’s to many happy years ahead and to all those looking for a new dog to add to their family, please do consider a staffy…they are wonderful, family orientated dogs who just love life and everybody!!